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Estate Agent SEOEstate Agent SEO

Freddie Cerva Estate Agent SEO UK. I have been involved with estate agent SEO for 10 years. I am available to do Estate Agent SEO in the UK.

I have done SEO in possibly one of the most competitive areas the Cyprus property market.

I have not only developed but also structured and planned Estate Agent SEO from the ground up even before the client’s websites were built.

I am very effective when targeting multi lingual markets for example English, Russian, Chinese, Swedish, Arabic, etc.

Currently I am based in the UK but still have a presence in Cyprus.

I am available to assist estate agents and property developers all over the UK with SEO including London, Birmingham, Cambridge, Manchester, Leeds, Chelmsford, Essex, etc. with Specialist real estate SEO consultancy services.

If you have a property website in the UK and need a property SEO consultant you can contact me to assist you in your real estate SEO needs.

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