SEO Training – I am ready to train and mentor your staff online

SEO trainingSee me as your SEO Insurance Policy

I am not your Digital Agency that is bent on extracting money from you!

I will train you and your staff and provided you listen to my advice your website(s) will generate more organic search engine traffic.

SEO Training

Bespoke SEO Training – I tailor make the SEO training session, focusing on your website.

  • Empower yourself and/or your staff to take care of the day to day SEO aspects of your website.
  • The objective of the SEO Training Programme is to improve and enhance the detailed and overall SEO knowledge of your staff by focusing on your own website.

What is the Bespoke Search Engine Optimisation Training Programme and how does it work?

  • I first do a technical and on-page SEO audit of your website.
  • In order to have a baseline for improvement measurement I prepare a search engine ranking report.
  • Based upon the results of this SEO audit I prepare a tailor made SEO training program based upon your website for your staff.
  • On the training day we will work through all the strengths and weaknesses that are identified and how to strengthen and repair weaknesses.

How many hours is the SEO training session for?

  • The session time ranges between four and six hours depending on the amount time it takes to work through all the aspects of your website audit.

Where will the SEO session be held?

  • We can do the training session on your premises or via Skype.
  • If you are located outside of London I will have to charge for my travelling expenses.


  • I will be available for two weeks after the training session for any questions you or your staff that attend the training session have.

How much do you charge for this bespoke SEO training session?

I charge £580 including VAT for this bespoke SEO training session. (This includes up to two people attending the training session.)

The charge for additional persons attending the session is £120 (Including VAT) per person.

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